Dark Knight Rises

Take Home ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ on Blu-ray

Dark Knight Rises

If you thought you’d heard the last of the Batman, you were wrong. The epic finale to director Christopher Nolan’s Bat-films made its debut back in July, but trailers are popping up everywhere once again and for a very good reason. Its time for The Dark Knight Rises to be released to DVD and Blu-ray. Let’s not forget about digital download either.

If you listen carefully, you’ll hear Gothamites rejoicing. Rises, was, after all, the second highest grossing film of 2012. The highest grossing was The Avengers. This tells me comic book movies are still on top for the time being. (The Hunger Games ranked 5th, in case you were wondering.) And if numbers impress you, then take a look at this one. $1.058 billion worldwide is how much the super hero flick made. I contributed. I saw it twice and it was so worth it.

The release date in question has been announced as December 3rd. That’s the day you can take Batman and Bane home with you. The cover art for the DVD has yet to be revealed. The Dark Knight Rises, of course, boasts a stellar cast. Christian Bale returns to the cape and cowl, though when the film begins, it has been about eight years since Rachel Dawes and Harvey “Two Face” Dent died. Batman took the blame and hasn’t been seen much since. Bruce Wayne has become a recluse.

Michael Caine returns as Alfred Pennyworth, Wayne’s long suffering butler. His character gets more dimension in this film than you’ve probably ever seen from the supporting character before. Gary Oldman is Commissioner Gordon. He may be aging, but he still has many a trick up his sleeve. Morgan Freeman also comes back to the big screen as Lucius Fox.

There are a handful of newcomers to meet, too. Anne Hathaway is Selina Kyle, also known as Catwoman. I have to say, I didn’t think, when the casting choice was first announced, that she could convince me she was Selina. In an interview Christian Bale said it best when he explained that the costume can swallow you until you’re just a person wearing a big goofy suit. This did not happen to Anne Hathaway. Within her first five minutes on screen in The Dark Knight Rises she is Catwoman. She embodies her, radiates her self confidence and capable nature, and there’s no cat costume involved at that point. It made what she was wearing moot. And I find that to be absolutely brilliant. It doesn’t hurt that she’s sexy either.

Of course the big guy who received the most attention was newcomer Tom Hardy, who has quickly become one of Hollywood’s “it” actors. If you know anything about the comic book version of Bane, you know bringing him to life on the big screen is a bit of a joke. He’s clownishly enormous. He tends to be depicted in a garish wrestling mask. What director Christopher Nolan and actor Tom Hardy do to their big screen Bane is extraordinary. They forge a new character and a new mythology, using integral pieces of Ra’s Ah Ghul’s comic book back story. You’ll just have to watch to learn what I mean. Speaking of Ra’s, he makes a brief appearance. You’ll also spy Scarecrow if you’re paying attention.

If you dig what Hardy does with Bane, quickly go see him in Lawless. His character acting is a marvel. I think he’s having a lot of fun.

Marion Cotillard rejoins her Inception co-stars in Rises. She’s Bruce’s love interest. I’d tell you more, but there would be too many spoilers involved.

Who, if anyone completely steals the entire picture? That would be Joseph Gordon-Levitt. He’s a wily Gotham City cop who becomes integral to the plot and a hero in his own right. I’m a big fan of Gordon-Leviit and he’s having a heck of a year. Looper is due out this month. I simply cannot wait. And did you know he has a part in the upcoming Abraham Lincoln bio-pic? No, there aren’t any vampires in that one.

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  1. SarahSommer

    I pretty much LOVE Joseph Gordon-Levitt in this film (and all films really).And Tom Hardy as Bane was phenomenal. Definitely a must buy film. 


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