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T. Funke – Contributor  of News, strives to be an actor!

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  1. Inge

    In LA in December and caught a play by television writer Stephanie Liss. She is involved in optioning a book series for television? I was able to find out information about her TV movie “HIdden in Silence” but cannot find anything about this except on her Facebook page where she said following…bless my old, darling, friend, Jane Rubino, for writing her series of books, and letting me option them to go out with them as a series. it’s going to be SMASHING! I LOVE these characters. Rich. Juicy. Gritty. it’s a side of life we don’t see – not from the inside
       Have googled Rubino and come up with a Jane Austen book and a series of Sherlock Holmes short novels and another modern series but no clue to what this is???? (PS – The play was excellent).


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