Max Irons Chosen to Love Stephenie Meyer’s Host

Max Irons, The Host, Stephenie Meyer

Stephenie Meyer’s The Host continues to head towards the big screen and Max Irons, son of Oscar winner Jeremy Irons, has snagged the role for one of the two male leads in the film. Considering this is Meyer’s only non-Twilight book to date, all eyes are on this adaptation to see if lighting can strike twice.

Irons, who was last seen in Red Riding Hood, has been selected for the role of Jared Howe, the boyfriend of main character Melanie, according to In Meyer’s sci-fi adventure, the Earth is now home to a race of aliens that use humans as host bodies. Melanie (Saoirse Ronan) is able to resist being taken over completely by an alien known as Wanderer and the two eventually form an alliance.

The Host is being directed by Andrew Niccol and is scheduled for release on March 29, 2013. The role of Ian, the other male lead, recently went to Jake Abel.

While there are no sparkly vampires or werewolves in sight, Meyer apparently isn’t happy unless there’s some weird love triangle going on and The Host includes a relationship that makes the Twilight drama pale in comparison. While Jake is in love with Melanie, Ian falls for Wanderer, the alien inhabiting Melanie’s body… which will probably bring as much as weirdness as you’re expecting from a twist like that.

A lot of the drama in The Host comes from Wanderer and Melanie fighting for control and learning about each other before they decide to work together so it should be interesting to see how this aspect of the story translates to the big screen. There’s also the added challenge of making audiences view Ronan as two separate characters, especially while Melanie and Wanderer work out how to handle the unique relationships with their respective guys.

I don’t think it’ll bomb, but I’m not expecting The Host to follow in Twilight’s footsteps and spawn factions for Team Ian or Team Jared, either.

The Host is expected to start filming in Louisiana in February.

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