X-Men First Class

Mutant Azazel Says X-Men: First Class Sequel a Go

X-Men First Class

Before they were enemies, they were friends, but that was then and this is now, so exactly what will happen with Professor X and Magneto now they’ve gone their separate ways? Jason Flemyng, who played the red-skinned Azazel, says we’ll get to find out because a sequel to X-Men: First Class is in the works.

The X-Men prequel offered a different look at Marvel’s favorite mutants (and did a decent job of erasing the stink left by Last Stand) but where do we go from there? We’ve seen Eric and Charles cross the line from friends to enemies, witnessed Eric adopting the name Magneto as he reacquainted Emma Frost with the concept of freedom, and we saw Charles Xavier slide closer to becoming the Professor X we’re familiar with by winding up in a wheelchair. Is there more to see?

Of course there is. As every X-Men fan knows, Xavier’s mutants have a very detailed past in the comic book world so there’s plenty of room for adventure before running up onto the team introduced in X-Men, and I’m curious to see if one particular aspect is brought up in a sequel.

“Me and Jen Lawrence have a kid, don’t we,” says Flemyng to Digital Spy in reference to the mutant that will become known as Nightcrawler. “The world is a wide place and if my son turns out to be Alan Cumming then good for him, that’s great. I love Alan Cumming.”

As far as a sequel actually being made goes, Flemyng has confirmed that the math works out, saying, “There was a benchmark that they had to hit box office-wise before they could start writing the next one, which they’ve started. We’ll just see how the DVD goes and then fingers crossed I’ll be bright red again by next summer.”

I don’t think there’s any doubt that DVD sales will do well so more mutant mayhem should definitely be headed our way and I’m looking forward to seeing where the story goes.

Do you think the sequel will be as good as First Class? Xavier’s team was looking pretty slim by the end of the first film. What new mutants would you like to see become part of the team?

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