Ron Weasley: The Boy Who Almost Wasn’t

Can you imagine a world where Ron died half way through the series? Where he doesn’t end up with Hermione and they don’t live happily ever after? Well it was almost a reality and fans everywhere feel relief about what could have been (but never was).

You might be surprised to know that J.K Rowling had planned on killing off one of the most beloved characters of the Harry Potter series. According to an interview from, Rowling revealed she had initially intended to send Ron Weasley to the grave instead of having him end up with Hermione.

She told Daniel Radcliffe:

“Funnily enough, I planned from the start that none of them would die. Then midway through, which I think is a reflection of the fact that I wasn’t in a very happy place, I started thinking I might polish one of them off. Out of sheer spite. ‘There, now you definitely can’t have him anymore.’ But I think in my absolute heart of heart of hearts, although I did seriously consider killing Ron, [I wouldn’t have done it].”

Rowling decided to keep this potential alternate story line a secret not only while the books were completed but also till the film series was completed. You can hear her talk about her thoughts on the storyline and her conversation with Daniel Radcliffe on the DVD commentary when the film hits shelves November 11.

I am glad she did not kill his character off because I love Ron and I thought he added a lot to the overall story. Besides I think Ron and Hermione belong together and same with Harry and Ginny!

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