The Descendants Remake Snubbed At Award Show

The Descendants seemingly got snubbed at the recent Gotham Independent Film Awards, where the film was expected to pick up many of the awards but instead left with nothing.

The Descendants was one of the most popular movies of the year, and was a remake of the novel of the same name by Kaui Hart Hemmings. While it had two very impressive weekends at the box office, getting into the Top 10 even though it was only playing in less than 500 theaters, it didn’t win a single award at the GIFA.

Many people felt like the film was going to clean house at the awards considering it at been nominated in almost every category. Many Oscar prognosticators were left saddened after having it as a frontrunner for a Best Picture Oscar while it was left in the dust of other films from the season.

Although the season is over, it isn’t a good sign that a forerunner for the Best Picture Oscar to not win at the awards. However In the next couple days, the New York Film Critics Circle and National Board of Review will announce their awards and hopefully, The Descendants will get the recognition it deserves and push to the Oscars.

In case you were wondering who DID steal the show from the film:

  • Mike Mills’ Beginners,
  • Terrence Malick’s The Tree of Life.
  • Justin Lerner’s Girlfriend

-Were the big winners for the night.

What do you think of the film not winning any awards? Do you think that it deserved to or that the better films won out?

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