Josh Trank Eyed For Fantastic Four Reboot

Another superhero reboot is in the works from 20th Century Fox. I know what your are thinking, “How can they keep rebooting things when its only been a few years since the first reboot?”, but somehow they keep doing it and it remains relatively successful. Variety recently reported that more news regarding the reboot of the Fantastic Four casting as come out.

Currently, the studio is eyeing Josh Trank as the potential helm of the project.

In case you don’t know who Trank is, he is making his big screen debut with the upcoming film, Chronicle. With his role in that film, he already knows the world of the studio and being a superhero.

Fantastic Four, Marvel’s self-proclaimed “World’s Greatest Comic Magazine”, first hit the stands in 1961. Its debut is generally considered the beginning of the “silver age” of comics and the real beginning of the Marvel Comics universe that exists to this day.

Truly, this franchise has been rebooted several times already. It has been a feature length film in 2005 with its followup in 2007. Both films were directed by Tim Story. A 1994 feature-length version was also infamously produced by Roger Corman but it was never released much to chagrin of fans.

Personally, I am ready for the box office to take a break from superhero films. In the last decade, you could barely head to the theater with out there being a superhero film in there. Even worse is that several story are continually being remade even though they were remade already as little as a few years prior. (Superman and Spider-Man come to mind).

However, if this film is made then I am sure it will be a hit.

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