Exclusive New Trailer For The Hunger Games Disappoints

Yahoo news recently revealed a new exclusive trailer for the upcoming film, The Hunger Games. It sports a few new scenes from the film that weren’t featured in the other trailers, but it also includes several disappointing scenes as well. There two different scenes that are not similar to the novel. If you have read the books then you probably saw them instantly just like myself.
In the trailer, Katniss gives the mocking jay pin to her sister Prim before the reaping as a sign of good luck. Yes thats a sweet moment.
But in the novel, Katniss’s friend Madge gives her the pin before she leaves for the Capitol after the reaping is already over. I don’t like this change because it was a really nice moment in the book when Katniss realizes that maybe she had a friend in Madge all along, even if this self-realization is a bit to late at that point.
Also featured in the trailer, is again the mockingjay pin. In the trailer, you can Cinna secretly putting into Katniss’s clothes. However, in the novel, the Capitol at the last minute allows her to keep the pin on the front of her jumpsuit and everyone can see it while she in the arena.
These are small things, granted. But really, how hard is it to get those two scenes the way they are in the novel? Each scene is only a few sentences long in the book, and I think they are more powerful then the ones portrayed in this new trailer.

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