First TV spot for Mirror Mirror Revealed

To paraphrase the Dark Knight Begins movie series, these are not the movies we needs, but the one we deserve. Cashing in on the public domain stories, Tarem Singh’s Mirror Mirror goes slightly against the mainstream trend and opts to be a spirited adventure comedy instead of going all dark and gritty; which is weird considering that Singh directed Immortals with the zombie Titans.

The movie which will release on March 30 will star Roberts as the Queen, Lily Collins as Snow White, Armie Hammer as Prince Alcott, Sean Bean as the King; Winter is Coming; and Nathan Lane as the Queen’s bungling servant, Brighton. In this adaptation of the Brothers Grimm story Snow White, an evil queen steals control of a kingdom and the exiled princess enlists the help of seven resourceful rebels to win back her birthright in this cartoon-like, slapstick comedy filled with jealousy, romance and betrayal.

Singh’s Mirror Mirror will get first crack at audiences as it’ll be released well before Rupert Sanders’ Snow White and the Huntsman. I’m honestly wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a third Snow White movie in the works that I’m not aware of, but I’ve ranted a bit about my suspicions as to why we’re seeing all these fairy tale revisions here

“Cashing in on the likes of the largest market in the world with disposable income; nerds and 14 year old girls; more and more shows and movies have been focusing on fairy tales. This I believe is based on the popularity of a series of comics called Fables.”

“Looking towards the instant win section for comics, “Fables” and all the characters that are used in the story are part of public domain. So why wouldn’t the industry cash in?”

For a more in depth analysis, check out how the two Snow White movies compare thus far here in Battle of the Snow Whites.

As the first television spot for Mirror Mirror, what’s shown is weak by comparison to the official trailers opening sequence. In Bollywood style, the official trailer opens with a dance sequence and catchy ditty that hitches a ride on the subconscious. This is worse than last song syndrome, it’s new infectious song syndrome. “I believe, I believe, I believe in love, in love.” What I don’t believe is why I can’t find the song online. I know that the song is called “I believe” by Iranian singer Googoosh, but it seems to be a contemporary cover of the actual song. I blame this on Alan Menken, the scorer of this film for dropping the beats. Menken’s known for creating some of the most audibly addictive sounds, having covered music for many a Disney movie to broadwas musicals. The songs are so prolific in my short term memory, that I have to play the song trump game to get rid of some. In my case, “I believe” is trumped by Dr. Steel’s “Singularity” that’s beaten by Basement Jaxx “Take me back to your house” which has to be replaced with Katy Perry’s “E.T.” minus Kanye, then a U Penn Off the Beat capella of Sarah McLachlan’s Possession. All which then burns in me until I fall unconscious for being this crazy to begin with.

So until the Mirror Mirror comes out; or the official soundtrack; I’m going to go crazy with a fraction of a song stuck in my head. For all I know, it’s just a song that’s appearing in the trailer only which will cause my insanity to grow.

Check out the trailer and tv spot for Mirror Mirror below

Mirror Mirror Official Trailer

Mirror Mirror TV Spot

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