John Carter Sequel Already In The Works?

Disney’s John Carter adaptation hasn’t even been released yet and the writers has already begin work on the sequel. recently reported that Stanton and his co-writer Michael Chabon have begun talking and planning for the sequel.

John Carter is the big screen adaptation of the series written by Edgar Rice Burroughs. The sequel is tentatively being called, John Carter: The Gods of Mars, based on Burroughs’ second novel.

This IS only talk though. The project hasn’t actually been green lit by Walt Disney Pictures, but chances are that if John Carter does well in the box office that the sequel will move forward. After all, Disney will need to contend with hit series movies like the popularity of The Twilight Saga and the upcoming Hunger Games. With the popularity growing in the field of franchised movies, Disney will definitely want to jump of the bandwagon with their own movie series to promote.

Word is, is that the movie  is awesome enough to merit a sequel but those of us who haven’t gotten a sneak peek of it, will have to wait till the film opens on March 9th.

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