Mia Wasikowska to See Double


Mia Wasikowska of Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland fame will star opposite Jesse Eisenberg the award-winning star of The Social Network in The Double, reports the Hollywood Reporter.

This film is being directed by Richard Ayoade; from TV comedy shows The IT Crowd and The Mighty Boosh. Ayoade who wrote the script with Avi Korine, draws this story from Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s novel of the same name. While the Russian novelist is not known for his humor, and more for being one of the greatest and most influential Russian writers of the 19th century; having written the popular classic Crime and Punishment; the film adaptation is being billed as a comedy.

Dostoyevsky’s original story, The Double: A Petersburg Poem, was published 1846 and focuses on a file clerk, Yakov Petrovich Golyadkin; which I’m sure they’ll rename for Western audiences; who slowly succumbs to madness by the unshakable belief that someone is taking over his identity. The nail in the coffin to completing his mental breakdown is the sudden appearance of his doppelganger who he sees everywhere he goes. The double appears to be a more confident, aggressive, and outgoing version of himself. Everything needed to make a person feel flawed and depersonalized. To ensure a complete fall into insanity, the doppelganger then sets about taking over the file clerk’s work and social life.

Wasikowska who has previously appeared in other films such as Jane Eyre and The Kids Are All Right is also set to appear in the movie Stoker this year. While Wasikowska’s role has not yet been confirmed, Eisenberg will play the lead and the role of the double.

I’m more surprised that Michael Cera isn’t playing Eisenberg’s double in this film. I have long suspected that Eisenberg is Cera’s Hollywood stand in. Both seem to play many roles of stuttering sophisticates that attempt to overcome their own flaws to get the girl. So like Dostoyevsky’s novel, it would have been far more meta, existential, and funny if the film was about Eisenberg attempting to take over Michael Cera’s life. It would ultimately lead to Cera’s mental breakdown and subsequent revenge story.


This then turns my mind into thinking that the film is not unlike Cera’s Youth In Revolt. Where Cera also plays two roles, one of the hapless teenager who’s trying to get the girl and the conjured alter ego who tells him to do things; Great yet terrible things; all to get the girl. Which brings me right back to Wasikowska who most likely will play the love interest that Eisenburg’s character and double will both vie for.

To make this a little bit more confusing, this upcoming movie adaptation should not to be confused for the 2011 crime drama starring Richard Gere also called The Double.

The Double is set to start filming in the United Kingdom sometime this year.


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