New Pinball Shuffle Game/App Release Has Surprising Origins

When reading that title you might be thinking, “Hey….Wait a minute that doesn’t have to do with optioned things!” and thats what I thought at first. But then I found out this popular new game is actually a game based on the indie comic Stabb Gunner by Joseph Krzemienski.

The original artwork is a defining feature of Pinball Shuffle. Postage, Inc. co-designed the game play and did 100% of the artwork which is derived from Stabb Gunner, an indie comic by Joseph Krzemienski.

“This game meshes classic pinball with the creativity of modern game development,” says Postage, Inc. 3D Animator Riley Hearn. “We know that a good pinball machine is based on a great story and stellar artwork, so we made sure Pinball Shuffle had both.”

The game/app has been released by Postage, Inc., a post production, visual effects, and animation firm. Pinball Shuffle is their second iOS/ MacOS 3D game.

Most pinball games are pretty much the same. You use triggers and bumpers to try and keep the ball in play as long as possible, racking up as many points as possible. But Postage, Inc. took this concept one step further when designing their game.

According to the press release, in the Indie-Comic Based pinball game, you play as Gunner, the perfect assassin (who is apparently a smokin’ hot indie rocker between hits). She sports a bold attitude with a sling of weaponry across her back while clad in the shortest shorts and form-fitting flight jacket. An assassin neither for good or evil, Gunner is tricked into attending the pinball tournament hosted by Well Dressed Man. He hopes to use the tournament as a way to discredit and destroy any would-be heroes in Scene City. In his attempts to rid the city of crime and maintain his utopia, however, he also creates crime. While playing on a pinball table that resembles an iPod (and Gunner’s personality), Well Dressed Man sends his minions, Jefe Grande and Technosaurus Flex, on the table to distract or defeat you as Gunner.

“With ten missions and two bosses, Pinball Shuffle encourages gamers to explore every part of the table instead of just mind numbingly hitting the ball around to gain points,” says Founder of Nuclear Nova Software Jake Leveto.

What also makes this game unique is that is features dynamics that gamers would not normally experience with an average pinball table. Players are able to rack up more points when the pinball grows in size during higher levels of the game. There are three levels of difficulty including “Weak Sauce” (Easy), “Play It Cool” (Medium), and “Get Massacred” (Advanced). In the “Get Massacred” level, players have the chance to test their skills at a shooting gallery when the score gets high enough. Gamers also have the option to follow the pinball’s movements throughout the board with a fixed camera.

The game’s programming, physics, and digital distribution were thanks to Nuclear Nova Software. The game is now available at the MacOS and iOS App stores.

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