Read An Exclusive Interview With Walking Dead’s Andrew Lincoln

The midseason premiere aired last night to wide acclaim by fans an critics. And recently Eli Rosenberg over at AMC did an interview with Andrew Lincoln, who portrays main character Rick Grimes on the hit show. They talked about his role on the show, shooting the second half of the season and the secret that even his wife doesn’t know.

In case you just stumbled on this article and haven’t seen the amazing series, The Walking Dead is an American post-apocalyptic horror television series developed for television by Frank Darabont. It is based on the ongoing comic book series, The Walking Dead by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, and Charlie Adlard.

You can see some of the questions Lincoln was asked below:

Rosenberg: Lincoln

Q: What was the bar scene like in Episode 8?

A: That was an incredible scene! We were so lucky to get such cracking actors. And we didn’t play the problem, we just played the fact that this is a reunion of human beings. The tension is inherent in the fact that they encounter this other group.

Q: Rick’s presence at the farm has been described as antagonistic this season. Do you ever feel like you’re a bad guy on your own show?

A: Yeah, I think I do a bit. I don’t normally see it like that though, because you never look at your own character as the problem. I’m appealing to this man’s spirit.

Q: Was the scene when Rick had to kill Sophia a difficult one to shoot?

A: I was talking about this the other day thinking, my goodness who’d have thought I’d build a career as a child killer in a huge internationally acclaimed show? What does that say about the state of things! Look, as an actor I was even going, “Please let her be alive.” It’s a gut-wrenching moment. Conversely, it’s a brilliant beginning to the second half of the season, which is a much darker and more dangerous exploration of these characters.

Q: Rick and Shane have a somewhat tense way of relating on screen. What’s your relationship like with Jon Bernthal?

A: It’s a nightmare to work with that man! But really, Jon Bernthal is like my American brother. He reminds me — I hate to say it — of a little bit younger version of me. What he’s done with Shane is magnificent as a character and I love the see-saw nature of their relationship. They’re like warring brothers — but they’re both so similar.

Q: Do you know what Dr. Jenner said to Rick at the end of Season 1 — and did Noah Emmerich actually say that to you?

A: Yes he did.

Q: Have people tried to pressure you into telling them?

A: My wife doesn’t even know. Man, I take my job seriously!

You can see the full interview with Andrew Lincoln here.

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