6th Annual Book Tournament Match-Up: The Line VS Ashfall

Round 1 of the 6th Annual BSC Book Tournament begins with match-ups between the Female Leads and the Male Leads brackets. If you missed it, you can see our announcement of the brackets here as well as the unveiling of the full tournament schedule here. But now it is time for the voting to start!

We are keeping each round in its own post, but don’t worry! They will all be linked together to make it easier for you.

3: The Line by Teri Hall VS Ashfall by Mike Mullin

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Be sure to check back tomorrow for the Female Leads VS The Male Leads bracket. If you experience any technical issues with the polling, please email Sarah@boomtron.com with the problem. Polls will be open until Wednesday night, and results will be announced on Friday, March 16th.

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