AMC Accidentally Leaks Major Walking Dead Plot Twist

:::Warning Don’t Read If You Don’t Want To Know The Death:::

For anyone who watches or has watched AMC’s “The Walking Dead” you are no stranger to its intense plot and crazy revelations as the goup tries to survive. Most of us tend to not like knowing the fate of characters early on but now most of us don’t have a choice because AMC has accidentally revealed the shocking death of one of the main casts members way before it happens.

Most fans have known there was going to be a shocking death at the end of the second season but AMC has officially let the cat out of the bag.

Due to a mistake within the marketing department for the network’s DVD release, it was revealed that Shane is soon to be dead. Shane, played by Jon Bernthal, is going to be killed at the end of season 2 (although this isn’t a surprise to those who read the comic books.)

On the AMC website there is a ad for The Walking Dead Limited Edition Season 2 Blu-ray 4 Disc Set which will be released in August. The ad has one little line that has thrown fans into a tizzy.

The ad says that the bonus features include:

“the making of the barn, an extended zombie gut scene, Shane’s last episode…”

This mistake has definitely gone under fire by fans all over the world. Fans tend to not like spoilers but AMC has said that the ad was not meant to go on the site.

“The post on the AMC store was completely unauthorized, AMC said in a statement. “The matter is currently under investigation.”

“The Walking Dead” producer, Gale Anne Hurd, recently teased the “jaw dropping” second season finale by saying, “I have a feeling even with inveterate tweeters during episodes…there may be some significant periods of silence, because people may not be able to click on their keyboards.”
And now it is painfully obvious what she meant.
I have been dreading Shane’s death ever since it became obvious he was ready to move on to another show (Bernthal was in talks to play the lead in TNT’s L.A. Noir pilot)
As mentioned earlier, Shane’s death is hardly a surprise to readers of Robert Kirkman’s original comic books. In the comics Shane is killed relatively early on in the series and in one of the most shocking ways possible.

Personally, I loved Shane (even if he got a tad bit rape-y in that one episode) and am a little bummed to know of his impending death as we watch the series progress.

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