Chloe Moretz Gets to go to Prom in Carrie Remake

Chloe Moretz, the who played Hit Girl in the ultra-violent Kick-Ass film is getting ready for the high school prom.  The 15-year-old actress has won the lead role in the latest adaptation of Carrie.  No, not the CW’s “The Carrie Files”; the prequel pilot for “Sex and the City”.  It’s actually for the cult classic horror story according to reports from Deadline.

The film however is not being touted as a remake of Brian De Palma’s 1976 horror film.  Instead the film is currently being sold as a new adaptation of Stephen King’s novel of the same name; the first one he ever published actually.

The story is about a young high school girl with telekinetic powers.  A mixture of a sheltered home life, lack of social skills, and an escalating harassment from bullies causes her to flip out and take revenge on them.  Every single one of them.  It’s basically a Columbine shooting with super powers but much before it’s time.  Not to make too light of it, both are considered scenarios are horrors afterall.

Moretz already has quite the impressive resume.  Having started in 2004, the popularity of Moretz continues to grow.  Not including the film Carrie, Moretz currently is in six other films that are in pre-production.  Having recently co-starred in Hugo with Asa Butterfield, I’m more surprised that Moretz didn’t land a role aside him in the upcoming awesome known as Ender’s Game.  I think Moretz would have made a proper Petra Arkanian.  Somehow, casting thought it more suitable to cast the girl from True Grit (Hailee Steinfeld) over Hit Girl.  While still awesome, the Charles Bronson with pigtails still would have won in a real fight; Hit Girl is obviously more dangerous than snakes.

Moretz was actually in competition for the role of Carrie.  She was up against a range of young actresses that included Dakota Fanning, Lily Collins, Bella Heathcote, and Haley Bennett.  According to Vulture, 24 year old Bennett was actually Moretz’s top competition.  Wow.  Hollywood actually cast a high school aged kid to play a high school aged kid.

While Moretz is still unsigned, the actress is already tweeting her excitement about the new job.

“Never been so happy in my life!”

“Thank you Kim Pierce and thank u MGM for the chance of a lifetime i will never forget!”

The Kimberly Pierce that Moretz is referring to, will be directing this adaptation for MGM.

Speaking of tweeting, aside from the cultural and technological differences in era, this new adaptation won’t be as close to the book as the original film.  If Hollywood is to bring it up to date, there will be iPads, smart phones and more of a contemporary feel.  The special effects will be off the charts, but how will the current technology add to an already great movie that couldn’t be done with corn syrup and red dye?

Highskoolbullie: “HEP!!”

Highskoolbullie: “HELP!!”

Dad: “What’s the matter son?  You knock up another girl at school?”

Highskoolbullie: “Sum1s killin evry1 @ prom”

Dad: “What?”

Highskoolbullie: “tht grrl welaf@ wnt crzy n’now imtrappd call hlep!”

Dad: “Was that English?  If you can’t take the time to message me properly or sober up, I’m going to cut off both your cell phone and booze privileges.”

Highskoolbullie:  HURRE!

Dad: It makes you sound like an idiot.

Dad: Sweetie, this is Mommy.  If you continue to text like this, everyone’s going to laugh at you.

Highskoolbullie: NOOOOOO!

Dad: See you in the morning son.

It’s almost as if Hollywood wants to be reminded that this was already done in 1999. The movie was called The Rage: Carrie 2, and I think it’s being treated the same way everyone else remembers Highlander 2: The Quickening and The Next Karate Kid; maybe even Schumacher’s nipple filled Batman & Robin.  Basically it didn’t happen and everyone wants to forget it.

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