Female Leads vs Male Leads Round 2 Winners

The second round between our Female Lead Bracket vs the Male Lead Bracket has concluded! It was a tough round with many close calls, but in the end the fans spoke up and we have the winners for round 2. Next we have Round 3 which is the semi finals for each bracket. We will have one winner from both brackets after this which will battle in the finales next week.

Congratulations to each of the winners from the match-ups! And also congrats to the female lead bracket that edged out the male leads completely!

You can see the winners from each bracket below:

The Four Winners Include:

  1. Uglies by Scott Westerfeld
  2. Dark Parties by Sara Grant
  3. The Line by Teri Hall
  4. 21 Erased by Barbara Rayne

Round 3 match ups will begin March 27, and continue till March 29th. We will announce winners on March 30th.

The Match-ups are as follows:

  1. The Line vs Dark Parties
  2. Uglies vs 21 Erased

So be sure to check back on March 27th, to begin voting on the semi-finals, and check in with us on Twitter for updates on the competition!

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