Graphic Novel “Trespassers” Gets Optioned For The Big Screen

Variety recently reported that the supernatural graphic novel, “Trespassers” will be heading to the big screen. The graphic novel was written by Scott Hampton but the script will be written by Bob Gale and the film produced by Ryan E. Heppe.

The graphic novel follows a group of mythbusters, set on debunking the legend of a famous allegedly haunted house. They have their scientific rationality tested when they discover demonic guardians, a gateway to hell and the fact that not all of them are exactly who they claim to be.

Heppe stated regarding the project:

“A good horror flick needs one thing: a simple, original premise that’s terrifying as hell,” Heppe said. “Add to that obvious franchise potential, and the opportunity to combine “found footage”-style scares with traditional filmmaking frights and you’ve got something really unique.”

Hampton previously wrote and drew “The Upturned Stone.” Gale co-wrote the first Back to the Future film and penned its two sequels on his own. He also wrote for the second “Tales from the Crypt.” Heppe is currently rebooting everyones favorite robot movie, Short Circuit at Dimension as well as developing feature versions of “T.J. Hooker” and “V.”

I am definitely ready for something new to scare me and thrill me, and this definitely could be awesome. My only concern is that with so much on all the plates of everyone involved, the project could get stalled at some point. I hope that it doesn’t, but I had a hell of time even finding this graphic novel online.

The project is still only in development with no word on any plans regarding who will star in the film or a project release date.

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