The Hunger Games Does Phenomenally Opening Weekend

The highly anticipated film, The Hunger Games, hit theaters this past weekend and did incredibly well financially. The blockbuster film adaptation of the novel by Suzanne Collins, made $19.5 million in midnight screenings (of which I contributed $25 dollars when I went to the showing) across North America. By the end of its first day in theaters the film had already collected $68 million.

As for the entirety of its opening weekend, the film grossed a historic $155 million. This accounts for the opening weekend as Friday through Sunday. Its financial success is the third biggest in Hollywood history, beating out Spider-Man, Pirates of the Caribbean and Twilight movies, among others.

The Hunger Games is also the biggest non-sequel opener as well as the biggest non-summer opener, the highest opening in the month of March, and Lionsgate’s highest grossing release ever.

The film also did very well internationally, where it opened at No. 1 in almost every market it played.

Worldwide the film ended up grossing $214.3 million for opening weekend.

Studio executive, David Spitz commented that,

To launch this franchise in the way we did is mind-blowing.”

Understandably, considering the film is features a female lead, the film’s audience comprised primarily of females at 61%. However, surprisingly, more than half of the audience was made up by moviegoers were over the age of 25 with a percentage of 56%.

The film was definitely a success. While fans have had mixed feelings regarding the film adaptation, it seems that it is still a hit. Its sequel, Catching Fire, has been given a release date of November 22, 2013.

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