Discover Young Sherlock Holmes in Audio With Rebel Fire

The second installment in author Andrew Lane’s Young Sherlock Holmes series, Rebel Fire, is being released in an audiobook version by Macmillan Audio. The audiobook is narrated by Daniel Weyman, who has received glowing reviews for his emotional readings such as his work on the first novel in the series. The audiobook program provides listeners with a delightful combination of emotion and action, and is a brilliant way to introduce younger fans to Sherlock Holmes and his legendary sleuthing.

Young Sherlock Holmes, a  teen series is the first ever endorsed by the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Estate.

Readers follow fourteen-year-old Sherlock as he discovered that Amyus Crow, his American tutor, is hiding some dark secrets. However, he doesn’t anticipate how deeply entangled those secrets are and that Crow is omehow mixed up in the incredible reappearance of John Wilkes Booth, the notorious American assassin supposedly killed by the U.S. Army.

This second novel takes our hero across the Atlantic to The United States where  a horrendous fiend awaits and a defeated army threatens to rise again.

This teen series has received glowing reviews from all over the world.

This adventure with a 14-year old Sherlock Holmes is as fascinating as Doyle’s brilliant original stories. Stage actor Weyman is able to convey both the emotion and the action adding to the sheer pleasure of the yarn itself.” – Parade

Author Andrew Lane works for the British government but has been a fan of Sherlock Holmes since he was ten giving him to ability to infuse his writing with knowledge and passion.

Rebel Fire will be available April 24th, 2012.

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