Leonardo DiCaprio To Live By Night

Warner Bros. is having a field day lately buying the film rights to various novels. They have now begun the process of bringing the upcoming Dennis Lehane prohibition-era novel Live By Night. Deadline has reported that the project has already asked Leonardo DiCaprio to star in the film.

The novel is the second book in a trilogy written by Lehane. It is the sequel to his 2008 book, The Given Day. 

Lehane is already an award winning novelist. He has also already had some of his novels adapted for the big screen. He wrote Mystic River which became an Academy Award-winning film. Another novel, Gone, Baby, Gone became an Academy Award-nominated film. DiCaprio also starred in a big screen adaptation of a Lehane novel, Shutter Island. 

I has also been reported that DiCaprio will produce the film adaptation.

There is no word on when the adaptation is projected to release or when it will begin production.

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