Mark Wahlberg In Talks For Grisham’s The Partner

Famed author John Grisham is finding that one of his most popular novels is getting new life on the big screen through New Regency. Currently, actor Mark Wahlberg is in talks with the studio to star in and producer the adaptation. He would be producing the film with Stephen Levinson.

John Lee Hancock was previously attached to write and direct at one point, but as of now he is no longer involved. Who the new writer and director has yet to be determined.

The 1997 novel follows a disillusioned lawyer who steals $90 million from his law firm. He then stages his own death and successfully is able to disappear for several years. But this seemingly brilliant white-collar crime gets complicated by a murder charge.

According to the official website the plot summary is as follows:

They watched Danilo Silva for days before they finally grabbed him. He was living alone, a quiet life on a shady street in Brazil; a simple life in a modest home, certainly not one of luxury. Certainly no evidence of the fortune they thought he had stolen. He was much thinner and his face had been altered. He spoke a different language, and spoke it very well.But Danilo had a past with many chapters. Four years earlier he had been Patrick Lanigan, a young partner in a prominent Biloxi law firm. He had a pretty wife, a new daughter, and a bright future. Then one cold winter night Patrick was trapped in a burning car and died a horrible death. When he was buried his casket held nothing more than his ashes.From a short distance away, Patrick watched his own burial. Then he fled. Six weeks later, a fortune was stolen from his ex-law firm’s offshore account. And Patrick fled some more.But they found him.”

New Regency’s Arnon Milchan previously brought a few of Grisham’s novels to the big screen such as  “A Time to Kill,” “The Client” and “Runaway Jury.”

There is no word yet on who will play any of the roles, but I think it is safe to say that if Wahlberg gets the part, this will definitely be a huge release for New Regency.

The best part of this is that we get to see a television spot for the book from when it was released in 1997. You can watch it below in all of its 90’s glory:

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