Sophie Turner Talks Sansa’s Feelings Toward Joffrey And Others

We all know that Sansa no longer harbors those fantastical fairytale feelings of love for Joffrey on the hit series “Game of Thrones.” Beginning when he had her father publicly beheaded last season, her ill feelings are hard to not see and feel (especially after all the cruel things he does to her this season.) Unfortunately Sansa has to deal with it being an incredibly valuable tool as a political marriage pawn as she in confined to King’s Landing awaiting her wedding day to the new mad king.

The actress who plays Sansa, Sophie Turner, recently sat down with TVGuide and answwered some questions about her character during season 2.

On last nights episode we saw the epic Battle of the Blackwater take place between Joffrey’s loyals and those loyal to Stannis, his uncle. During this, Sansa was left to deal with other challenges.

She’s at Maegor’s Holdfast while the battle is going on,” Turner says. “She’s strong, and I think she’s quite strong-willed, but she’s also incredibly frightened. I can tell you that you’ll see sides to Sansa that would seem very queen-like. She takes quite a leadership role.”

Some may wonder where Sansa gets all her strength to deal with the repeated mental and physical abuse in King’s Landing. Turner reveals just what keeps her going.

I think she gets strength from thinking how her mother and father would cope. She also thinks of her sister Arya because Arya is so strong, and she would usually fight back. We never really saw it last season, but we’re seeing it now.”

Knowing that Sansa hates Joffrey – now – her feelings toward his mother, Cersei, are less cold.

It’s quite a bizarre relationship because at first she kind of felt Cersei was a second mother until … she realizes that the Baratheons and the Lannisters aren’t all they seem to be. And now she really hates Cersei, but … she can’t help feeling that Cersei has been through this before, because she went through the exact same thing with King Robert. Although he wasn’t as bad with Cersei as Joffrey is with Sansa. But they’ve got something in common, and they’ve got some sort of connection.”

Turner also spoke about the actor behind Joffrey and what he is like on the set.

He’s one of the most lovely people I’ve ever met, and I can’t stress it enough to the fans of the show because I’m scared people are going to come up to him and say horrible things to him. They shouldn’t because he’s lovely.”

When watching the show, fans can see a definite connection between Sansa and The Hound. Turner spoke about their relationship and why they are close.

Well, I think it kind of mirrors Sansa and Cersei in the way that The Hound has been a victim of bullying by his older brother. And that kind of mirrors Sansa’s story line with Joffrey. And so he feels very protective of her, I think, and he doesn’t want anything like what happened to him to happen to Sansa, because she’s still very vulnerable in terms of physicality.”

Tyrion, despite being a Lannister, is much less cruel and overall mean. He had previously helped Sansa from the abusing hands of Joffrey. It is hard to see whether or not Sansa will trust him or not.

Tyrion does care for Sansa although Sansa knows she has to be very, very wary. Her main focus is to stay alive, to survive to see her family again, and I don’t think she’s willing to trust anyone at this point except for her maid Shae (Sibel Kekilli). Which is quite ironic, because she’s not actually who she says she is. She’s Tyrion’s whore.”

You can see the rest of the interview with TVGuide here.

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