The Hunger Games… Minecraft Edition

Even if you haven’t seen the movie or read the massively popular trilogy, The Hunger Games, you at least know its central premise. Children, thrown into an arena, fight to the death for one victor. While that is definitely not something most would like to be apart of in real life, the idea of the strategic survival in a game with a multiplayer capacity seems …. well fun.

So when Minecraft, a giant vital sandbox of a game, merged with one of the most violent and popular stories, we get possibly one of the coolest custom experiences ever. Since there isn’t (yet) an officially licensed Hunger Games title out there, this one of best ways to get a piece of action and chaos that is the Games.

The servers that host the Games within Minecraft are called “Survival Games” with the players called “Tributes.” Even the opening of each session mimics the opening scene of the Arena from the books and movie. Tributes stand in a large circle around a cache of supplies and when a time hits zero, you better run.

Very similar to the original story, most run for the supplies in the center, being killed quickly, fighting over the best supplies and weapons. Then tributes can run into the woods to begin the strategic battle of survival as they begin hunting each other down throughout the map. The session ends when only one player/tribute is alive.

Even alliances form during the sessions to help hunt down those left by themselves or unprepared. Just beware, because betrayal is always an option as it gets to the last few players.

If you want to take part, a dedicated Minecraft Survival Games website has been established that includes links to servers hosting the games as well as leader boards to track the progress of the best tributes playing the games.

You can watch a player taking place in one of the Survival Games matches below:

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    I’ve really sunk into Hunger Games survival on Minecraft. There are tons of servers, it’s way more interactive, and I have a ton of friends who play on If you’re in the game, jump over there and find me!


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