The Walking Dead Video Games Surpasses 1 Million Sold In First Two Weeks

By on May 24, 2012

The Walking Dead video game has sold more than one million copies in its first two weeks on sale. This figure includes both Episode One and Season Pass sales for Xbox Live Arcade, PSN and PC, according to Joystiq.

It is now TellTale Games’ fastest-selling videogame to date. The video game is based on the mega-popular comic book series and AMC television series. However, instead of focuses on the character from the series’ it introduces a new character named Lee Everett, a convicted murderer who gains a chance at redemption thanks to the aftermath of the zombie outbreak.

Players of the game will, however, meet characters they may already be familiar with from the series such as Glenn. There are also characters who will live or die depending on the choices the player makes in each episode.

The Walking Dead Episode One: A New Day launched for PSN, XBLA, PC and Mac last month. An iOS port, meanwhile, is scheduled for the summer. Episode two, titled Starved For Help, will be released as a digital download in June. It will be followed by three more episodes over the coming months.

In celebration, TellTale released a trailer highlighting some of the praise and awards the game has received so far.

View the trailer below:

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