The Walking Dead

Gamers Get ‘The Walking Dead’ Beginning Dec. 4

The Walking Dead

Gamers rejoice! If zombie carnage is what you desire, then get ready to live the apocalypse on a console system near you. The Walking Dead has been a comic book turned much-applauded AMC network television series, and now it is also a video game. Don’t forget to arm yourself!

Telltale Games is the company you can thank for putting you into those shoes of the survivors. They have already been offering game play based on The Walking Dead in a series of chapters over the course of the past few months. Now Telltale Games has announced that the complete epic adventure will be officially released for purchase on December 4. That is, if you aren’t one of the hard-core gamers who already bought it on Steam.

If you have heard the name Telltale Games before, then there’s a good chance that’s because you have experience with their Back to the Future game. That one has a big fan base, but has not been your more traditional release. This time around, there will be an actual disc to buy; however, and said disk will be available for purchase at real brick-and-mortar stores. This disk will be a collection of all previously released game chapters and you can choose from versions tailored to Xbox 360 and PS3 starting this December if you live in the USA.

So far, Telltale has released five episodes of The Walking Dead game. You start off as the character Lee Everett. Fans of the show know he’s the convicted criminal, whose life has new meaning now that he can fight in the war against the undead. That chance at redemption is personified by Clementine, a small girl who Lee has a chance to fight to keep among the living. Her storyline takes up much of the first chapter of the game.

If you are familiar with the show’s time line, then it will interest you to know that the game begins in the early days of the plague. You’ll encounter characters you know and love BEFORE they ever headed to Atlanta to join Rick Grimes. Speaking of those early days, those are also the subject of the new web series called Cold Storage, which begins October first. You won’t be waiting long! In fact, the series itself returns October 14th, kicking off-season three during the spookiest time of year.

Telltale Games is known for wonderfully quirky graphics. The environments work especially well for material based upon comic books in my opinion. There’s a sketch illustration quality to the lines and color. If you don’t want to wait and buy your disk of The Walking Dead game in whole format, venture over to Telltale’s official website, where Episode Three, “Long Road Ahead” is available now. The company also offers a Law & Order themed game, as well as one based up Jurassic Park! If for some reason you don’t dig Steam, game purchase is also available via the TTG Store, Origin and Amazon PC Downloads.

On the PlayStation Network in North America Episode Three sells for $4.99. On Xbox Live Arcade you can get is for 400 MS Points as a DLC within the original The Walking Dead XBLA release.

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