‘Arrow’ Dealt DC’s Royal Flush Gang

No hero can shine without being tested by a solid villain. Batman has The Joker (and now Bane). Superman has Lex. Well, Oliver Queen, the wealthy playboy turned vigilante, has got the Royal Flush Gang. Yep, all five of them! …At least, there were five in the comics.

That’s right, Arrow has come to the CW network. In the series, actor Stephen Amell is Arrow, a hip take on classic DC comics hero, Green Arrow. The series premier hit the airwaves on October 10th. Entertainment Weekly thought the show looked promising. The called our hero a “gritty, urban Robin Hood,” and the show, a good deal “darker” than Smallville. Worth giving, “a shot”, har har har.

I’ll tell you what I like about the series. Recurring cast members have been listed as Deadshot and The Huntress. That’s cheer-worthy. But this week’s news revolves around a whole deck of villains.

Series producer Andrew Kreisberg has announced that DC’s Royal Flush Gang has been adapted to appear on Arrow. The pack of villains has found its “King” in actor Currie Graham, known for his role on Criminal Minds. His gang-mate, “Ace” will be portrayed by Kyle Schmid.

You’ll see with the Royal Flush Gang, that the dynamic of the family, and the iconography of the playing cards are going to be there, without the supernatural bent. I think we’ve come up with a really clever way to portray them in a more grounded, realistic world. The Royal Flush Gang are in episode 6, and we’re really proud of that episode. We think it’s one of the most successful attempts at alchemy that we’ve performed. The Huntress is pretty much straight out of the book because she’s such a grounded character, but the Royal Flush Gang were the most outlandish villains from the comics, but they turned out to be our most grounded villains, and the relationship that Oliver has with King, the leader of the gang, we’re really proud of it,” said Kreisberg.

If you’re wondering why the supernatural had to be curbed, its because the comic book version of the group had super human abilities. In the DC universe this is referred to as being metahuman. That’s very similar to the idea of a mutant in the Marvel-verse. “King” could shoot blasts of plasma, “Ace” was a female psychic who could make anyone insane, “Jack” was your basic elastic-man, “Queen” had telekinesis, specifically working with metallic objects, and the final member of the Royal Flush Gang, a guy called “Ten” had the strength of ten men.

Sounds like this could be an episode to watch. I don’t mind the omission of super powers. I think this tends to make everything a little more plausible. Just look at the way Christopher Nolan re-imagined the Bat-mythos in Dark Knight Rises to make a more down to earth Bane and Talia Al Ghul.

Arrow comes from Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim, Andrew Kreisberg and David Nutter. It’s being hailed as action-packed and unfolds five years of no word from billionaire Oliver Queen. He returns home after his strange sabbatical with a mysterious crusade in mind and crazy new set of skills. Archery anyone? The show also stars Katie Cassidy as Dinah “Laurel” Lance. If that name sounds familiar, comic fans, its because that’s also the name of the Black Canary.

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