Christopher McQuarrie Plans Three to Kill with Colin Firth


According to a report from Deadline, Christopher McQuarrie is planning to adapt the novel, “Three to Kill” written by Jean-Patrick Machette. It also appeared the Colin Firth is attached to headline the project. Andrew Lauren Productions is financing the adaptation of Three to Kill with Lauren himself producing alongside Laura Bickford. Howard Rodman will provide the screenplay.

“Three to Kill” is a french novel that was published in the United States by City Lights Noir with a translation by Donald Nicholson Smith. It is officially described as follows:

Businessman Georges Gerfaut witnesses a murder-and is pursued by the killers. His conventional life knocked off the rails, Gerfaut turns the tables and sets out to track down his pursuers. Along the way, he learns a thing or two about himself…. Manchette-masterful stylist, ironist, and social critic-limns the cramped lives of professionals in a neo-conservative world.

McQuarrie is most known as  the screenwriter-turned-director behind The Way of the GunJack Reacher and the upcoming Mission: Impossible 5. 

This is not the first novel from Machette that is getting a film adaptation. His novel, “The Prone Gunman” was adapted by Pierre Morel and stars Sean Penn, Javier Bardem, Idris Elba and Ray Winstone.

There is no word yet on an anticipated release date.

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