Lena Headey to Headline Film Adaptation of “Jacqueline Ess”

Lena Headey

The “Game of Thrones” actress Lena Headey has been cast in the lead role for the upcoming Clive Barker film adaptation, Jacqueline Ess. 

Jacqueline Ess tells the story of a beautiful woman with the ability to horrifically change people’s body shapes simply with her mind. Her ability gives her the power to grant men the ultimate sexual experience, albeit one that always proves fatal. It’s a story of sex, power, and the extremes that await us at the limits of desire.

The film will be based on the short story from Barker titled “Jacqueline Ess: Her Will and Testament,” which was first published in the horror anthology “I Shudder at Your Touch” and was later collected in Barker’s own “Books of Blood.”

Raven Banner will produce with Barker’s Seraphim Films on board to executive produce with first time feature director Jovanka Vukovic attached to helm. Vukovic also adapted the screenplay with Christian Francis.

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