Sandra Bullock and Tate Taylor Plan Tupperware Pioneer Biopic

4190iMyoNPL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_Sony Pictures Entertainment is adapting the non-fiction book “Tupperware Unsealed” by Bob Kealing. It was also announced that Sandra Bullock with headline the film. Tate Taylor will both write and direct the biopic of Brownie Wise, the marketing pioneer who created the Tupperware home party strategy.


Wise was the first woman to be featured on the cover of Business Week and is remembered for being groundbreaking in building a world where women could earn their own money and thusly their independence. Her work with the Tupperware company however was not easy. She often clashed with the company founder Earl Tupper and eventually caused her exit from the company.

“As a writer-director, Tate has the rare and delicate ability to capture both the romanticism and restrictions of a time and place,” says Hannah Minghella, president of Production for the studio. “In this case 1950’s suburban America. His characters are both immediately recognizable while also uniquely iconic. Such was the magic of Brownie Wise. There is no one better than Sandy to play Brownie — they share a fierce bravery and independent spirit.”

Director Tate added,

“Sandy and I have been trying to work together for years,” adds Taylor. “Finally, I’m very excited to put Tupperware in her hands. This is a collaborative dream come true.”

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