Y: The Last Man Film Adaptation Cancelled


Things seemed good last year when the film adaptation of the graphic novel “Y: The Last Man” gained director Dan Trachtenberg but now the entire project has been cancelled. The film rights to the comic book series have reverted back to the creators Brian K. Vaughn and Pia Guerra. Sadness ensues.

Trachtenberg confirmed today saying,

“Not happening. But it’s in trusted hands (the creators).”

The 60-issue series has been much beloved and hailed as an intricate and honest social commentary of gender politics as well as a enthralling coming of age tale for the main character.

“Y: The Last Man” is a post-apocalyptic tale following Yorick Brown, a young man who, along with his capuchin monkey, Ampersand, somehow survives a catastrophic event that kills off every living creature with a Y chromosome. Left in a world of only women, Yorick teams with a government operative, 355, to try and uncover the truth about the plague and why he and he alone made it through alive.

“The script was essentially the first two trades,” Trachtenberg then revealed to /Film of the film that could have been. “Taking inspiration from the original Star Wars – we wanted to tell a complete story…but not the whole story. Hoping that, in success, we could get tell the rest of our serialized adventure.”

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