TellTale Games Releases Another Game of Thrones Teaser

By on November 9, 2014


A brand new teaser (the third actually!) has been released for Telltale Games upcoming new episodic game, “Game of Thrones.” This teaser gives us a little more information regarding the setting and character of the highly anticipated release.

It should be noted that there are spoilers for the book and/or TV series if you are not caught up.

It appears that the timeframe and area for the game is in North and will focus on Stannis while he intervenes against House Bolton and House Greyjoy. However, there could also be a new story that we don’t know about being presented in the familiar territory.

IGN attempted to contact TellTale to confirm the storyline but were unable to get any information.

More information will likely release soon! For now you can watch the teaser below:

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