Robert A. Heinlein‘s Novel The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress Becoming Movie

moon is a harsh mistress

The science fiction novel, “The Moon is a Harsh Mistress,” written by Robert A. Heinlein, is getting the movie treatment thanks to director Bryan Singer. The movie is reportedly being retitled Uprising. The story follows a lunar colony that revolts against the rulers of Earth. 

“The Moon is a Harsh Mistress” was initially released in 1966 by the prolific science fiction author. It later worn the Hugo Award, though it would be the author’s last win.

Singer is attached to collaborate with the studio to produce the project with possibilities to direct as well. The film is being written by “Arrow” executive producer Marc Guggenheim.

This is the third time it has been attempted to adapt this particular novel into a movie. Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio had written a script to be produced by DreamWorks Studios. Another version from Phoenix Pictures had producer David Heyman attached. Both films never came to fruition and the rights to the novel eventually returned to Heinlein’s estate.

This is not the first novel by Heinlein to be adapted for the silver screen. In 1998, The Puppet Masters starring Donald Sutherland was directed by Stuart Orme. His most popular novel, Starship Troopers, would also be later adapted by Paul Verhoeven. Earlier this year, his short story All You Zombies was adapted into Predestination starring Ethan Hawke.

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