Julianne Moore In Talks to Star As Kingsman Sequel Villain


According to a recent report from The Hollywood Reporter, Julianne Moore is currently in talks to play the villain in the upcoming sequel to the 2014 British film Kingsman: The Secret Service.

The film series is based on the graphic novel series of the same name. Right now there are almost no details about the sequel especially considering the graphic novel doesn’t have a sequel. So there is no idea what plot the film will be following. It has been confirmed, however, that the story’s location will jump from London to the United States.

I am officially feeling weary. After the amazing first film, the idea that the second film has no comic book basis, is moving setting, and is heavily influence by the studio, is leading me to believe this won’t hold up the feel. The only redeeming factor is that Matthew Vaughn will return to direct the sequel, while Kingsman’s young star Taron Egerton will also reprise his role.

Kingsman: The Secret Service opened to a surprising $414.4 million worldwide with only an $81 million production budget. Shooting for the sequel will begin this summer.

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