Neil Gaiman’s Likely Stories HeadingTo The Small Screen


Neil Gaiman is adaptation gold. Yet another of his books is being adapted for television. His short story collection “Likely Stories” will be made into a four-part series thanks to Sky Arts and Sid Gentle Films who are are producing.

The short stories are all based in London and feature “dark and strange” stories playing with reality and fantasy, centralizing themes of human consumption, destructive obsession and psychological cannibalism.

Not all of his stories from the collection are being adapted but according to Deadline, viewers can expect to see adaptations of “Foreign Parts,” “Feeders & Eaters,” “Closing Time” and “Looking For The Girl.” The first three installments were adapted by Kevin Lehane and the last by Ian Forsyth and Jane Pollard (Nick Cave 20,000 Days On Earth).

Even more excitingly, Gaiman is expected to make cameo appearances in all four episodes, which will star Pride’s George MacKay, The Game’s Tom Hughes, Moone Boy’s Johnny Vegas, Maleficent’s Kenneth Cranham and Doctor Zhivago’s Rita Tushingham.

The series will be directed by Forsyth and Pollard while Jarvis Cocker will score the episodes. Sally Woodward Gentle, Lee Morris and Gaiman are serving as executive producers.

Gaiman’s novel “American Gods” is currently being adapted into a series for Starz and that is addition to several of his novels that have been made into books. His children’s book, Fortunately, The Milk, is slated to begin filming and will star Johnny Depp with Edgar Wright directing. Meanwhile the new hit series Lucifer, based on Gaiman’s Sandman character, debuted in January on Fox, and rumors continue to swirl about Joseph Gordon Levitt’s film take on The Sandman itself.

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