Batman – The Telltale Series to Debut This Summer


While we don’t know much about the upcoming Batman game from Telltale games, we do know that it will simply be called, “Batman  – The Telltale Series.” It was also revealed by Telltale’s Head of Creative Communications, Job J. Stauffer that it would be released this summer.

The game will focus on Bruce and Batman – leaving out Bat characters like Robin, Nightwing, etc. However, fans can expect certain series staples such as Alfred Pennyworth, Vicki Vale, James Gordon, and Renee Montoya. The villains of the game have not been announced and it looks like Telltale is attempting to keep that part of the story a surprise for as long as possible.


Similarly to the other Telltale Games, the Batman series will explore what the consequences are of the player’s actions when decisions made as Bruce have a critical impact on his nightly crusade as Batman, and vice versa. Certain key situations will give the player the decision to approach a scene as Bruce or Batman, with consequences for both sides. Certain characters will have a deeply personal relationship with Bruce in his private life, and decisions made as Bruce or Batman will affect their paths towards corruption or redemption. The player’s actions will help shape the Gotham that Bruce deals with during the day, as well as the criminals that Batman faces at night.

The game will very different from previous Batman video games. Telltale has created a non-photorealistic interpretation of the Bat-universe, enhancing engine and technology to deliver a more seamless living comic book art direction. Taking inspiration from the works of over 75 years of artists such as Jim Lee, Greg Capullo, and Neal Adams.

Like some other Telltale series, “Batman – The Telltale Series” is rated M (Mature 17+) rating, and the cinematic approach will feel more akin to an R-rated film.

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