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Jim Starlin’s Dreadstar Headed to the Big Screen


Jim Starlin, the creator of Mad Titan Thanos at Marvel, has had his very own science fiction epic optioned for the big screen. His comic series, “Dreadstar” has been acquired for film by Benderspink and Illuminati Entertainment.

Running for over sixty issues, “Dreadstar” tells the story of Vanth Dreadstar, the lone survivor of the obliterated Milky Way Galaxy who is caught in the middle of a longstanding war between two powerful empires with his band of misfits Syzygy Darklock, Willow and Oedi.

The comic series was initially published in 1982 and was hailed by fans and critics. J.C. Spink of Benderspink told The Hollywood Reporter,

“Apart from Star Wars, this was my favorite science fiction story growing up.”

Illuminati’s Ford Lytle Gilmore also added,

“Dreadstar is one of the most important comics on the 1980s, paving the way for creators to control their own creations. After decades of Jim exercising that control and turning away countless Hollywood suitors, I’m excited he’s trusting me and J.C. to do it right.”

The pair will produce the film which is currently on the lookout for a screenwriter before securing a distributor or financier.

There is no word yet on when the project will go into production or who the studio is eyeing to star.