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Racing In The Rain Exclusive Giveaway!


Optionated is excited to offer our first giveaway to our viewers. With the guest post from Garth Stein recently added we decided to give you the chance to win a copy of his bestseller, Racing in the Rain. Continue reading

Garth Stein on The Art of Racing in the Rain


They want to make my book into a movie?  Heck, they might as well make it into a haiku, I thought when I first got the news.

I mean, I spent a long time writing, revising, and crafting as good of a book as I possibly could.  And now they want to compress it to two hours of screen time?

But then I got a phone call from Patrick Dempsey, who had signed on to play the lead character, Denny Swift, and I thought, well, okay; I think this is going to work. Continue reading