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Hannibal Lecter

NBC Show “Hannibal” Gains David Slade as Director

Hannibal Lecter

In case you haven’t heard the new, NBC has greenlit a pilot based around the characters from the popular horror/thriller films that feature cannabalistic murder Hannibal Lector. Before you think this sounds like a rip off of “Dexter” but with a well-known character, let me say, yes it is.

The series, which has yet to begin filming, recently hired David Slade as director. Slade is known for his work as director of the film 30 Days of Night and work on Twilight Saga: Eclipse . Slade also directed the pilot episode the series drama “Awake” that is also on NBC.

Slade will director the upcoming pilot episode which will feature characters from Thomas Harris’ series of novels that began with Red Dragon.

The show will expand upon the events alluded to in the novel Red Dragon, written by Thomas Harris. Set in Lecter’s early days, the show will examine the time Lecter went head-to-head with FBI agent Will Graham, instead of instead of Harris’ original protagonist, FBI trainee Clarice Starling.

Hugh Dancy will be playing the role of FBI agent Will Graham, and is scheduled for premiere sometime in the fall season.

With this being a network show, as opposed to being on channels such as Showtime or HBO, viewers can expect to not see to much blood, or too much violence. This, in my opinion, will make the show a little less interesting given the type of killer that Hannibal is.