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Dakota Hood Talks The Hunger Games and Being A Tribute

Dakota Hood will soon appear as one of the 24 tributes in the upcoming film adaptation, The Hunger Games. She portrays the District 10 Tribute Girl. She recently took the time to sit down with us and discuss the film, working on set, and the main cast.

Hood plays a young lady who is chosen in the reaping to be a tribute for District 10, a district known primarily for their livestock. Unfortunately her character doesn’t last to long into the 74th Hunger Games. The actress, Dakota Hood, is very talented and is already making a name for herself in the entertainment industry. Be sure to watch her and her male counterpart in The Hunger Games, hitting theaters March 23, 2012. 

Optionated: Dakota Hood

Have you read The Hunger Games? If so what was your favorite scene from the novel?

I have. I was a big fan of the books before I got the role, so when I heard I was cast I was so excited. I love the last scene between Katniss and Rue it’s so touching and I cried when I first read it.

Did you know the role your character played when you got the part?

I did since I knew the storyline. I was very excited to be cast in District Ten.

How faithful do you think the adaptation is going to be based on the book?

I think fans of the books are going to be very happy with what they see.

What the best part about working on the set?

Everyone on set was so amazing. Everyone in the cast was so professional. I was floored with how much talent is in this cast.

On set, which actor/actress was the funniest, and which one was the most serious?

Everyone on set was always making each other laugh in between takes. The guys always had something to say to make us laugh.

How well do you think that Jennifer, Liam, and Josh embody their characters?

I think there were cast so amazingly in their parts. Each one of them are great actors and people.

I have to ask, Are you “Team Peeta” or “Team Gale”?

I just can’t choose one… It’s so hard, I love them both 🙂

If you could choose, which District would you have chosen to live in?

Ten of course 🙂

What do you think makes this series so successful and loved?

Suzanne Collins is one of the greatest writers of our day, and what she did with the books was incredible. I think you can’t help but fall in love with each character.  They are loved by everyone at any age.

Have you seen the completed film yet? If so, what did you think watching it?

I haven’t. I can’t wait to see it though. Everyone worked so hard. I will see it at the premiere for the first time.