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Tom Hanks Eyeing Adaptation of “The Circle”


According to report from Deadline, the novel “The Circle,” written by Dave Eggers, is getting a major film adaptation. Further it appears that actor Tom Hanks is attached to produce the project and possibly star in it as well.

The Circle is a sinister look at the tech world, following a woman who forgoes her private life to work at an Internet monopoly called the Circle, which creates one online identity for all users and results in the world’s most powerful online force. It touches on the dangers of living in an increasingly digital age—reminiscent of some recent headlines, isn’t it?

The script for The Circle has been penned by James Ponsoldt (The Spectacular Now) and has signed on to direct as well. According to the report, if the deal between the studio and the financier is approved than Hanks and Gary Goetzman, his producing partner, will be official producers on the project.

Hanks previously starred in another Eggers novel turned film in A Hologram For the King.

There is no word on when production may begin for the project or any other actors the studio may be eyeing for lead roles.

Journey 3: Profit!

A Trip to the Moon

Journey 2: The Mysterious Island has already raked in over $270 million at the box office worldwide.  With such a huge success, the only logical thing is to milk it for more.  Warner Bros. has tapped director Brad Peyton with writers Brian and Mark Gunn to create the next movie.  It is not known yet whether we will see Josh Hutcherson, Dwayne Johnson or Michael Caine in the next movie.  If they really wanted to make it a grand tie in, they’d have all three plus Brendan Fraser from the first movie.

The film which is a sequel to Journey to Center of the Earth 2008, is also inspired by Jules Verne, The Father of Science Fiction.  The movies thus far have followed the naming convention of Verne’s novels as well as the general setting.  However I doubt the Rock is really what the first nerd author had in mind.

Obviously the movies take place with a familiar, more contemporary start point than what the books were written for; back in the 18th century and all.  Even the characters are written from scratch and have no bearing on the current day story.  Starting from present day civilization, the adventurers find themselves in extraordinary places and situations.  Then again, not all of Verne’s work is cut out for adaptation.  It would be funny though if I ever saw a Journey movie called Dick Sand, A Captain at Fifteen.  It’d be more hilarious if they could somehow bend the movie away from the topic of slavery; maybe they’d make it about vampires.

I haven’t watched these movies.  Up until I saw the title, I didn’t even remember they existed until I saw the trailers for both.  If I look away from the screen right now, I’m convinced that the memories will fade again and I’ll have to start tracking the memory by drawing on myself with a marker.  So I have no real reasonable argument to make against watching these movies.  In saying that, I’m not a very reasonable person.

Where’s the steam punk action?  The novel that this movie is loosely based on is a tie in to Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea.  Even back then, publishers were all about sequels and crossovers.  As I understand it, there is a scene in the movie where the heroes need to take Nemo’s Nautilus, but that’s backwards!

The third movie Journey 3 is currently being slated for release sometime in 2014.  The next adventure will most likely be called Journey 3: From the Earth to the Moon.  It’s pretty much planted as the Rock gives Sean the very same Jules Verne book in the current movie.  In Verne’s story, a gun club fires an oversized bullet ship into space; via the gun called Columbiad.  It’s not that different than being shot to the moon by a rocket called Columbia.

What can we expect from adventures on the moon?  Well if we can look past the deadly sentient robots, we can enjoy what Fungineers have created.

We’re whalers on the moon,
We carry a harpoon.
But there ain’t no whales
So we tell tall tales
And sing our whaling tune.