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Magic Kingdom for Sale – Sold! To Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. Pictures has bought a magic kingdom, and it isn’t Disney Land. Terry Brooks, the author of the Shannara fantasy novel series also wrote a series called the “Magic Kingdom of Landover”. The first of the series is Magic Kingdom for Sale – Sold! Had it’s film rights optioned by Warner Bros. reports Variety.

First published in 1986’s, the story follows a talented but depressed trial lawyer who finds an advertisement in an upscale Christmas catalog; reminiscent of those huge Sears catalogs with a massive toy section I used to fawn over as a kid. The advertisement offers a magical kingdom for a million dollars by a man named Mr. Meeks.

As most lawyers have been brought up to crush the dreams of others, he buys this otherworldly magical land and hijinks ensue.

Publishers Write-Up includes:

“Landover is a genuine magic kingdom, complete with fairy folk and wizardry, just as the advertisement promised. But after he purchases it for a million dollars, Ben Holiday discovers that there are a few details the ad failed to mention.

Such as the fact that the kingdom is falling into ruin. The barons refuse to recognise a king and taxes haven’t been collected for years. The dragon, Strabo, is laying waste to the countryside, while the evil witch, Nightshade, is plotting to destroy the world. And if that isn’t enough for a prospective king to deal with, Ben soon learns that the Iron Mark, terrible lord of the demons, has challenged all pretenders to the throne of Landover to a duel to death – a duel no mere mortal can hope to win.

But Ben Holiday has one human trait that even magic can’t overcome. Ben Holiday is stubborn.

Magic Kingdom for Sale – Sold! is the first book in a gripping fantasy of mystery, magic and adventure from the author of the world-famous Shannara series.”

This almost sounds like a reboot of The NeverEnding Story 1984, “A troubled boy dives into a wonderous fantasy world through the pages of a mysterious book.” says IMDb. Except it’s a big shot lawyer with money instead of a whiny kid with wishes. I can almost imagine this movie will be Iron Man to the Batman like Never Ending Story. Light and funny about the antics of real people abusing their power, instead of dark, serious and brooding. Hmmm… The book also came out two years after the NeverEnding Story. Coincidence?

The movie will be produced by Akiva Goldsman’s Weed Road Pictures; I Am Legend, Hancock; Andy Cohen’s Grade A Entertainment, and Weed Road’s Kerry Foster and Alex Block.

Universal Pictures has previously tried to adapt the story back in 2005 with a script by Lowell Ganz and Babaloo Mandel, while Stephen Sommers was attached to direct. I guess the magic just wasn’t there anymore.