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The Amazing Spider-Man Viral Hunt Comes to an End

What began as a viral marketing campaign has ended with cities covered in (authorized) graffiti. It’s lead to websites and Twitter accounts, all wrapped in more riddles and clues. So what was the payoff? Some cool Spider-Man swag and an opportunity to get all meta with the Spider-Man storyline.

You can read about the initial hunt here.

The viral hunt that lead to websites and Twitter accounts, contained more cryptic clues and locations. Then it lead to some pretty cool gifts that fans could take home. Some of the cool stuff included Spider-Man hoodies and cellphones that sent them instructions via calls and texts on what to do next.

I think this is how official supporters got selected to put up the marks of the Spider-Man around the city.

“We’re supporting Spider-Man,” Abigail Flynn told MTV News of the campaign in New York. “We’re putting up the mark of the Spider-Man around the city to spread awareness and spread his message.”

That’s right. Even MTV covered the news in New York about the appearance of supporters for the masked vigilante known as Spider-Man. You know how they’ve always been a reliable news source. Heh. It’s all very meta though and very well done. The idea is that these Spider-Man supporters are needed to remind whoever the Spider-Man is that he’s made a difference. Especially in light of the Daily Bugle constantly thrashing him. I really wouldn’t be surprised if some of this footage appears in the movie; or maybe a reenactment of the graffiti vandalism.

In addition to New York, these events also took place in Atlanta, Denver, Los Angeles, Phoenix, and Seattle. To ensure that no one screwed it up or that separate professionally trained graffiti artists weren’t needed for each location, stencils were handed out. Tape up – Spray red – Tear Down – Pose for pictures. Easy enough right? I’m still having problems coloring within the lines.

Just to be sure everyone is on the same page though, the Mark of the Spider-Man official marketing website had this to communicate:

“These activities were conducted by trained and supervised persons acting with all necessary permissions and authorizations. Columbia Pictures does not condone or support the propagation of unauthorized graffiti and must insist that no one attempt to recreate, re-enact or perform such activity without all required permissions and authorizations.”

Which hopefully frees them for legal issues if by chance a street gang adopts the signature as their own. Like the black spiders in “The New Guy.” Actually, I think that was a comic book storyline entitled, “Spider-Island” where everyone in New York gained the power set of Spider man and a bunch of thugs dressed as Spider-Man. They ended up using their great power for great larceny, so other Marvel superheroes crossed over and laid the smack down on everyone; including Peter Parker.

If the Spider-Man supporters ever got out of hand, I’m sure the riot police wouldn’t have problems gassing them all. Just like the superheroes would do! It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Columbia Picture’s The Amazing Spider-Man hits theaters this July 3rd.

If you go to the official viral marketing site and click on the red image of Mark of the Spider, it’ll take you to a trailer.  Check out the trailer below!