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More Actors Come to Play in Ender’s Game

The film which may already be in production, continues to grow in numbers as they add another familiar actor to the ranks. Nonso Anozie joins the jeesh, playing the part of Sergeant Dap in the film adaptation of Orson Scott Card’s novel Ender’s Game, Deadline reports.

One of the best novels of its’ time, it is a science-fiction masterpiece in which children are pitted against one another to save the human race from extinction. The cast for Gavin Hood’s adaptation of this book has been coming together quickly and the movie has built a lot of momentum; if not close fanatic attention.

Anozie was last seen in Joe Carnahan’s survival thriller The Grey, but the British actor could be seen everywhere from Guy Ritchie’s RocknRolla to Mike Leigh’s Happy-Go-Lucky to last year’s Conan the Barbarian. Anozie will also show up in the second season of “Game of Thrones”, where he plays Xaro Xhoan Daxos.

In addition, Anonzie will also be joined by Stevie Ray Dallimore; Joyful Noise; and Andrea Powell; “One Tree Hil”l; as the parents of Andrew “Ender” Wiggin, John and Theresa Wiggin. The original story of Ender’s Game doesn’t flat out say this, but because the three Wiggin children are extraordinarily gifted it’s assumed that the parents of the children are just as intelligent. It’s later addressed in a prequel short stories by Orson Scott Card titled “The Polish Boy” and “Teacher’s Pest.” Ender who is going to be played by Hugo star Asa Butterfield, is the greater sum of his parents constituent parts, excelling in intelligence, leadership and empathy.

An excerpt from my previous article, Viola Davis Joins the Jeesh in Ender’s Game:

“Andrew Wiggin is the third child of a family in a world that only allows two per household. Specially licensed to exist, Ender; a nickname which he has grown to think of himself as; is sent to Battle School.”

“This school is for the brightest geniuses on Earth who have the character traits to lead and to win. ”

I think Lionsgate caught on to a formula that works. They bought Summit Entertainment which is producing this film. Combined they have produced movies such as the Twilight Saga films and the upcoming film The Hunger Games. Could it be that Lionsgate is focusing on optioning titles that already have a large following? Well I hope they’re prepared for backlash if the movie adaptation remains true to the novel and shows Ender killing other children. We’re not even talking teenagers here. For decency, I’m sure they won’t be that stupid. However I hope they shoot a scene of Ender giving a Stilson the bully a good thrashing. Just so I can hear him say to the bully’s remaining friends:

“You might be having some idea of ganging up on me. You could probably beat me up pretty bad. But just remember what I do to people who try to hurt me. From then on you’d be wondering when I’d get you, and how bad it would be.” – Excerpt from Ender’s Game

The large ensemble cast for the Summit Entertainment production, currently includes Harrison Ford, Sir Ben Kingsley, Viola Davis, Hailee Steinfeld and Abigail Breslin. The film is expected to be released March 15, 2013. Filming begins in New Orleans this month.