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The Young Carrie Bradshaw Is…

It was recently announced that The CW has green-lit the pilot episode for a series based on the book, The Carrie Diaries, written by Candace Bushnell. The book and series is a prequel to the hit show (that I love) “Sex and the City”. It follows the four best friends as they traverse the city and learn about life and love (so yes its just like the original show but for teens). However, who is going to play the four women in their teen years? And many people want to know who is going to play the titular Carrie? Continue reading

CW Plans To Adapt Several Books and Comics For New Pilots

Generally, The CW knows what it is doing. It knows the right shows to appeal the specific audience it wants  during primetime and with that knowledge they have officially given the pilot order for three new television series that are based on two books and one comic book. Continue reading