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NBC Green-lights Hannibal Lecter. Allez Cuisine!

Morbid fans of the fictional serial killer, Hannibal Lecter can finally crack a smile; presumably from their unfeeling, detached lips. The psychotic psychiatrist with a hunger; not of the cow bell variety; will be re-imaged for television, this time in his early years.

The show will expand upon the events alluded to in the novel Red Dragon, written by Thomas Harris. Set in Lecter’s early days, the show will examine the time Lecter went head-to-head with FBI agent Will Graham, instead of instead of Harris’ original protagonist, FBI trainee Clarice Starling.

The CW is doing the same with Sex and the City, in the process of making “The Carrie Diaries” aimed at a younger generation. Maybe that’s what NBC is trying to do with a new crop of uneducated sociopaths. Giving them a chance to learn their fictional roots and plenty of “how to” lessons. Both shows follow a form of passion really.

NBC must have liked what they saw in the script, because they’ve given the green light for 13 episodes to L.A.-based indie studio, Gaumont International Television. No pilot was needed either. It’s straight to series for them. Written by Bryan Fuller, the Hannibal project is a one-hour drama that will essentially set as a prequel to the Hannibal Lecter films.

As a fan of Showtime’s “Dexter”; for the first two seasons; which invariable is a show about politeness and acting human, I worry about how Hannibal on television will turn out. Bryan Fuller is also the creator of “Dead Like Me” and “Pushing Daisies.” One’s a satire about existence and death, the other is the equivalent of a live action cartoon… and death. On top of that, he was co-producer of Heroes. No, not the awesome first season. The other failed seasons. So unless the Hannibal television show is about sarcasm, I’m rather worried.

Not that it would be Fuller’s complete fault. NBC isn’t the first place to think I’d find small screen cannibalism.

I’m sure the show follows the literary Hannibal Lecter as he is described in the novels. I just can’t see anyone else follow the cinematic portrayal of a Sir Philip Anthony Hopkins, or play the part other than him.

If the new show is going to be remotely faithful to the novel’s character, he’ll have to be sadistic, manipulative and have no moral quandaries about killing people. Lecter is a thinking man’s serial killer. He should kill people because they annoy him or bore him. Eat them because he’s hungry and because he sees them for the mindless cattle that they are!

Hopefully the show won’t descend into a prime time cliche where Lecter uses his brain powers to find bad guys and then eat them off screen. “Oh, you have something on your face.” says the barista. “Ah, clumsy me. I must have missed a spot when I last had dinner with your friend.” suggests Lecter with a slightly diabolical laugh.  The barista nods and titters nervously as Lecter continues. “In fact, you can almost say that I ate him and he’s in my stomach right now. No wait, scratch the last part.”