Colin Firth Offered Role In Oldboy Remake


With the remake of the comic turned 2003 Korean film, Oldboy, well underway, Spike Lee seems to be offering roles to the unlikely for this psychological thriller.

The rumors once said that Christian Bale was offered the role but when that fell through the role was offered to Colin Firth. If he accepts the role that will mean he will play the role of Adrian, the villian of the story and opposite of James Brolin who is expected to play the main character.

This casting choice may be an odd fit. In the original, the villian was a younger man, versus the older main character that is imprisoned.

However, Firth hasn’t yet agreed to the role so it could change once more. And I have to say, as much as I like Colin Firth (and his Mr. Darcy goodness) I don’t see him playing this role, but hey, I’m up to be proven wrong.

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