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Five Books That Could Be Movies But (Probably) Never Will

It seems that is we wait long enough, every book will eventually become a movie. They are popping up everywhere these days. However, a couple of my favorite books, are probably low on the list of potential remakes (and I am totally fine with that), whether this is due to the bizarre plot, or the magnitude of the setting, or even because you don’t know who the narrator is, for whatever reason, these books aren’t going to be films for a while. I have selected five books from my personal library that I have loved and loved over the years, and these five books, while amazing in print, might not be so amazing in film. Continue reading

4 Great Historical Films That Were Books First

I love history. I love movies. And I really like fictionalized novels based on real historical events. So when we put those three items together we get this week’s list of greatness.

All the films on this list were based in some way on a novel that it was in turn based on a real historical event that took place. Continue reading

Upcoming Book Remakes for November

It seems like everywhere you look a new book is being remade into a movie (or a show) and you might not always hear about them, even the good ones. So because every month there are new and exciting remakes of books into movies and television, we will try to keep you updated.

Starting with the month of November! Continue reading

The Ten Best Movies (That Were Also Books)

Ok, so not every book to movie remake is going to be great, or even good yet they keep happening. Now I love to see my favorite books being made in a new medium but only if it isn’t shamed in the process (The Time Travelers Wife I’m talking to you).  Either way, there are many great remakes in the world of books to film and you can’t overlook their magic. In my opinion, a good remake is one that takes a story you know and presents it to you in a way that makes you feel as if you are watching a whole new thing. You get emotional at parts you are supposed to and you laugh at parts that are funny even if they are things you’ve seen and heard before. Those are the reasons I picked the films below.

The Fantastic Mr. Fox

Not only is this one of my favorite films ever but it was also remade by my favorite director, Wes Anderson. The story was actually a children’s book written by British author Roald Dahl. He also wrote “Charlie and Chocolate Factory” but this, in my opinion, is his better story. Wes did a fantastic job adding to the story in appropriate ways to make it a feature length film and brought life to a story meant for children. I love this movie in every way and is my favorite book to film feature. It is heartwarmingly hilarious.

Mrs. Fox: [to Ash] We’re all different.

[Points to Mr.Fox]
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