Hugo, Martin Scorsese

New Clip from Martin Scorsese’s Hugo Reveals Uncle Georges and Cool Drawings

Hugo, Martin Scorsese

Hugo arrives on the big screen on November 23rd, but we have a new peek for those who don’t want to wait that long to find out more about the movie that tells the tale of a orphaned boy, an adventurous girl, and a mechanical man that might possibly unlock a secret or two.

Martin Scorsese’s Hugo, based on the children’s novel, The Invention of Hugo Cabret, looks like a fun-filled adventure that’s perfect for the holidays. A boy named Hugo (Asa Butterfield) sets off on an adventure with Isabelle (Chloe Moretz), a girl he runs into (almost literally) while being chased through a train station. A mystery is revealed when Hugo learns Isabelle holds the key to the mechanical man in Hugo’s possession.

We were introduced to Uncle Georges in the first trailer for the film, but the new clip provided by CinemaBlend shows that he might be more involved in the mystery than originally suspected when the two children discover a collection of drawings that Georges has hidden away.

Check out the clip below for an artfully designed mess that skillfully shows off the drawings and keep your eyes open for a possible link to theatrical history. If you happen to be an old movie buff then some of the drawings might look familiar. I won’t spoil the surprise for you but I’ll give you a hint by saying it’s an old movie… and I do mean old, like when pulling a plastic space ship on a string in front of a camera was considered cool special effects.

Been too long since seeing the trailer for Hugo? Scroll down a little further to have your memory refreshed.

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