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Book To Film Adaptations Reign At NBR Awards

With the year coming to an end, award shows are in high gear to announce their winners and this year, it seems, is the year for book to movie adaptations. Continue reading

Hugo, Martin Scorsese

New Clip from Martin Scorsese’s Hugo Reveals Uncle Georges and Cool Drawings

Hugo, Martin Scorsese

Hugo arrives on the big screen on November 23rd, but we have a new peek for those who don’t want to wait that long to find out more about the movie that tells the tale of a orphaned boy, an adventurous girl, and a mechanical man that might possibly unlock a secret or two.

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Upcoming Book Remakes for November

It seems like everywhere you look a new book is being remade into a movie (or a show) and you might not always hear about them, even the good ones. So because every month there are new and exciting remakes of books into movies and television, we will try to keep you updated.

Starting with the month of November! Continue reading